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Moved up from the bryston 4b st, and the 7b st excelled even more in transmitting musicality and transparency. Bryston 4b sst incredible condition for sale canuck. The 14b sst 2 is a stereo power amplifier rated at 600 watts per channel output into 8 ohms. The bryston uses internal protection circuitry, but its designed to protect the amplifier while still allowing it to drive even highly complex loads without complaint.

Bryston 4b stsstsst pro gearslutz is partsupported by our visitors. Table of contents master curcuit breaker ac power input localauto switch localexternal switch block diagrams typical performance graphs technical specifications important warranty information 3b sst and 4b sst series amplifiers page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page. Nov 08, 2002 the power transistors in the 14b sst and now in the sst line are larger, faster, and can handle more power than those in the 7b st, and have been proven to be more reliable, says bryston. The bryston 4b nrb is a classab2 solidstate stereo power amplifier. Bryston systems range in output from about 250 watts to 750 watts. Being a bryston dealer i can tell you buying a new bryston is well worth the money. Bryston, renown manufacturer of amplifiers with a 20 year warranty, markets products with a full gamut of power output ranges.

I plugged the bryston into the preouts of the mf and the bryston simply bettered it in every way. I recently purchased a pair of bryston 5bs, 3 channel power amplifiers, they are rated at 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 200 into 4 ohms. Electronically, the bryston 4b sst2 is a dual mono design go ahead and. Bryston 4b sst 19 face plate with handles black color. It was, after all, the bryston 3b st that opened the proverbial window for me and exposed the difference an amplifier can really make in ones system performance. Jan 15, 2008 i just auditioned the paradigm studio 100 v. To finance his home theater, kevin is currently managing a software engineering group in the. The first two models were just called 4b, then came 4b e, 4b nrb, 4b st, 4b sst and now 4b sst. The 4bsst is brystons earliest product, first brought to market in 1976. View and download bryston st series amplifiers 8b owners manual online.

While even more solid and authoritative than the st10 and also smoother and. Hi guys well i decided on the bryston for my amp needs. For those of you more familiar with the bryston, i would really appreciate your opinions before i lay. I have owned a 4b st in the past and the power pac 120s which were mono versions of the 3b. James tanner of bryston participates this newsgroup and also answers questions. Thanks for the comparison mikie, i love bryston amps myself too. Has some scratches and dings but looks better than the rating would imply. Bryston 4b sst high end power amplifier pcb board stereo amp module 120w200w 2. Audio researchbellesmark levinsonkrellpass labthresholdsim audio moon w5or date code is 0420still has 4. Suche ein bryston 4b sstsst2b3 oder 14b stsst bitte nur. The 4b is a very old amplifier and used an iron core transformer. Bryston 4b and 14b cubed power amplifiers revisited hfa. So the st before sst are a bit hard sounding compared to the sst.

Even in rapidly changing world of home theater, if you choose a 4b sst 2 bryston amplifier, you are likely starting a. As you can see, it was always given lots of space to breathe. Bryston has a major commitment to produce the most accurate and reliable product available. They are in very good condition, only a very light scratch 2cm on top of one of the heat.

These devices can accommodate a number of channels, with the majority of amplifiers hooking up to two speakers. I have met with inconsistent opinions, one saying sst is sweeter sounding the other st sound less agressive with recessed highs compared to sst. While bryston itself offers more powerful and expensive amplifiers, the 4b sst 2 power capacity should be more than adequate for most users. Power from the 50 pound 4b sst 2 is rated at two 300 watts channels into 8 ohm load i. I am not a betting person but more than likely if either of these companies saw what you wrote on this thread yesterday, i believe they would have issues with it. At ces 2016, bryston introduced its new cubed series lineup of solid state power amplifiers, replacing the awardwinning squared series sst2 that made its debut at the 2009 ces.

The best gear advice always comes from those who use it the most. Rare bryston 4bsst silver hifi power amplifier high end. In terms of priceperformance ratio, id say that, right now, any st model is a better buy than any sst model. Oct 26, 2009 sonically, the bryston 2b sst can best be described as a muscular amplifier.

I still find the 4b sst to be one of the most musical power amps, solid state or tubed, ive ever heard, and for five years i could think of few, if any, ways that bryston could improve it. Bryston 3b sst2 stereo 150 watt per channel power amplifier. Studios hamilton, on founded in 1976 by the lanois brothers including grammy award winner daniel lanois and bob doidge, grant avenue studio is a recording and mixing facility based in hamilton, ontario, canada that also. You get a 20 yr warranty, plus ive seen them repair things that are out of warranty. D n a electronics specifications bryston 4b st specs.

The first designs were reverseengineered from the companys 250wpc 4b power amplifier by dropping that models powersupply voltages to enable it to provide more current, then bridging the two channels series operation or paralleling them. I love the touch sensitive sst power switch on the lower front panel that gets the mojo flowing. Oct 22, 2004 i dont want to change the thread as this is supposed to be a parasound vs. Bryston components like the 4b sst, which is the latest iteration of brystons longrunning 4 amplifier series, are built to last. I am the second owner and bought from the first owner. The first model with audiophile pretensions was the st, and it caused audiophiles to sit up and take notice.

Oct 31, 2016 i have a 4b sst amp and theres a demo 4b sst2 at a local store and a sst tocubed tradein possibility at a less than local store. Suche bryston 4b sstsst2b3 oder 14b st in frankfurt main. Sp3 surround processor audio performance video performance features. The following questions and answers may help you to choose a product thats right for you. Bryston s 4b sst 3, dubbed 4b cubed is the latest rendition of this most famous of amplifiers. So, to my ears, the new bryston is decent, but easily beatable for similar money. Bryston limited is a canadian company which has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the professional and consumer audio marketplaces for over a quarter century. I have heard bryston in my setup and liked it bass. Jan 21, 2004 stick with a 4b st sst,6b st sst, or 7b st sst and you wont be sorry. Its neutral sound tonality allows for unfettered listening, so you can focus on the music and not be distracted with any coloration produced by the amplifier. This unit has been in my wellvented rack since i bought it. Bryston power amplifier owners manual 6b sst 16 pages amplifier bryston st series 3b st specifications.

Find great deals on ebay for bryston 2b and bryston amplifier. Bryston amp conversation but i wanted to answer your statement. Bryston 4b st vs newer sst i would like to have some comparition on those two. So far they have exceeded my expectations they sound more open, effortless and they have the best speed, slam and control of the mid and upper bass for my ears. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Amplifiers can provide you with the equipment necessary to boost sound. The 4bsst2 is a dual mono design audio power amplifier with two channels of each.

The bryston 4b is a highgain power amplifier that revolutionizes music and radio output, and there is a wide variety of affordable bryston 4b models available on ebay. What is the difference between bryston 4b, 4b st 4b sst. I had the 3b st matched with bryston s preamp bp 25, spendor fl9s floorstanding speakers and a rega jupiter cd player. Bryston 9bsst pro model for sale or trade us audio mart.

But bryston spent those years improving on what id considered near perfection. Find great deals on ebay for bryston amplifier and classe amplifier. What i did not fall in love with was bryston a little dry and lean sound. Bryston 3b sst2, 4b sst2 and 7b sst2 power amplifiers 10 audio. Bryston 4b st vs newer sst audiogon discussion forum. The bryston 4b cubed actually worked very well and the 14b cubed even better. At the going used rate the 4b st is an insane bargain. And with the bryston, those lights always turn green. There are lots of 150 watt per channel power amplifiers out there, but brystons claim to fame is its vanishingly low distortion. It takes about 5 seconds for the front panel leds to change from red to green, indicating that everything is ready to go and all is well. It looks very nice, with only one small scratch on one handle. For sale a pair of used bryston 7b st, serial number 773690 and 773691. The cubed series is available in two variants, one for professional applications pro version and one for regular users cseries.

One potentially useful feature of the bryston s power supply is its soft start circuit, which prevents an immediate drain on the power line when the unit is turned on. The newest 4b sst squared amplifier features most of the technology used in the topoftheline 28b sst and shares many of its sonic elements. Their amps are well known to be fantastic sounding and very powerful. The sst remains very linear right up the to maximum power output.

The biggest jump in quality was from the bryston st to the sst. The sst series are more refined but, being fairly new models, that extra bit if fidelity comes at a price. The 4b sst is a beautiful sounding amplifier with a great sound stage and detail. Bryston 4b st vs 3bsst amplifierspreamplifiers canuck. Brystona sleeping giant whats best audio and video forum. I know that the hafler is no substitute for a bryston but it will have to do.

The canadiandesigned and built bryston 9b sst is a fivechannel power amplifier that can produce 140 watts per channel into eight ohms and. Appearance the amplifier has the traditional bryston look with only one appreciated difference a rounded faceplate to soften the allround appearance. I know the speakers have a high sensitivity, but they can handle high power, no problem. The 6b st is actually a rackmountable chassis housing three fully modular mono. Located in peterborough, ontario, canada, bryston manufactures refined highend audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers and other superb audio equipment for the discerning audiophile. Bryston 9b sst2 pro 140watt multichannel power amplifier. The latest incarnation of the bryston 4bst remains an audio classic.

These were very nice sounding amps but were criticized by many audiophiles as sounding somewhat bright on top. Bryston 4bsst high end power amplifier pcb board stereo amp. In bryston s view, ics are inherently prone to phase problems and nonlinearities that are avoided when discrete signal pathways are used. Notable among them is the 6b st amplifier, a threechannel powerhouse capable of 250 wattschannel into an 8ohm load or a whopping 400 watts into 4.

I was going to put together a 16 channel immersive audio system but changed my mind so this one is. Over this period, the amps were compared with other amplifiers such as. View and download bryston 3b sst owners manual online. Bryston 4b sst amplifier black with handles and remaining. The downside of the 3b st is that this revealing quality comes with a certain degree of hardness, that is evident in the midrange, and can be etched, and annoying, in the higher frequencies, particularly with violins. Bryston 3b sst2, 4b sst2 and 7b sst2 power amplifiers 10.

The 4b, mainstay of the bryston range, first saw the light of day in 1978 and has been through 6 redesigns since then. It would be a much better competitor than the xpa2, the xpa1 is just on another level. Bryston offers a 20 year warranty with their products. The latest incarnation of the bryston 4b st remains an audio classic. Id love to compare the xpa1 side by side to the 4b st. Conservative rating of 810 these amps look great in person.

For sale a bryston 14b sst with a manufactured date of 22002. This price is the price of the two bare pcb boards. Bryston 7bst amplifiers excellent for sale us audio mart. One place you really notice it is when youre pushing the amp. Bryston is well know for their high quality hand made power amplifiers and well regarded by hifi enthusiasts as well in the recording industry.

Bryston home audio amplifiers and preamps for sale in stock. In fact, so good is their build quality that bryston backs each product with a 20year transferable warranty. Date code of 0539 so still under warranty until the 39th week of 2025. Bryston power amplifier owners manual 6b sst 16 pages. Get instant access to the worlds best private pro audio classifieds for. Of course it has been updated about every five years along the way. I was thinking of doing a set of diy amps to go with my speakers and was wondering what eveyone else is doing. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I have a 4b sst amp and theres a demo 4b sst2 at a local store and a sst tocubed tradein possibility at a less than local store. Enter the letters you see in the image without spaces. Bryston 4b sst amplifier black with handles and remaining warranty until 2022. So i took the plunge, sold the mac mr 71 and used the money to buy a new bryston 4b sst2 with the latest mods and their dac so that i could build a music server. Page 1 bryston owners manual instructions for bryston sst series amplifiers models 3b sst and 4b sst page 2. Bryston sst vs sst2 vs cubed amplifierspreamplifiers.

Im looking at replacing my 4b st and have an opportunitty to purchase a 14b st from a friend and am wondering if i should hold off and find a sst if there is a material difference. Sadly, i must part with these as i am downsizing my system. The test sheets with the 3b st usually spec out at about 157w vs. Long one of the audio industrys most respected equipment makers, canadas bryston has made an impressive move into the home theater market with several new products. The 9b sst pumps out 140 watts for each of its five channels. Ive not heard the sst so i cannot comment on the sound difference but the price difference is significant. Log in to store this reply to your account for future reference, and to remove the live user verification test. Bryston is a firm proponent of using fully discrete circuitry rather than integrated circuits.

Bryston 14b sst2 stereo 600 watt per channel power amplifier. Will have it packed by professional shipping company to insure safe delivery. This is all the more significant for their 4b nrb amplifier, which has been in. Im wondering if anyone can help me with the relevant differences between the bryston 14b st and 14b sst. Oct 26, 2008 you dont get much more of a storied brand in av than bryston. St series amplifiers 8b amplifier pdf manual download. Output devices are handselected to ensure that the transistor gains are matched. Two bryston 7b st amplifiers in very good condition with 19 in front panel and rack mount handles. Bryston 3b, 4b and 14b cubed power amplifiers hfa the. I would like to share with everyone my recent experience with bryston 5b and, bryston as a company. Yesterday i borrowed a demo 4b sst from the importer to compare with my 4b st, left it running for an hour, then played my regular demo cd. They come with boxes one original and the other was for a 5b which fits perfectly.

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