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Watch the vertimax running video, learn how to do the vertimax running, and then be sure and browse through the vertimax running workouts on our workout plans page. From the professional, nba basketball player to the aau level, no training system will do more to increase the vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a. He is a founding member of the usa volleyball sports medicine and performance commission and is the curriculum. Powerful legs are required for this type of explosive action on the court. Volleyballspecific vertimax training unlike most drills, vertimax training exercises give you more resistance the higher up you go, challenging you to fire through the end range. Whether you are back squatting with the bar, or doing body weight squats, this exercise is an essential part of a vertical jump program. The passion hifistrictly lev this video demonstrates 5 exercises used to develop explosiveness and vertical jump for athletes. Plyometrics are included as you progress through the program so this workout can be incorporated with it or.

Increase your speed, vertical, and overall athleticism with our vertimax workouts. Virtual programming by world renowned trainers in sports performance and fitness. The best leg exercises for explosiveness for basketball. Vertimax training is very intensive and while you dont want to lose your hard work during your sports season, too much training can be counterproductive. Mba is a youth basketball program serving bethesda, gaithersburg, north potomac, potomac and rockville. The brand is dedicated to ensuring that all athletes have all of the tools, resources, and other elements necessary to maximize their workout routine so that they can experience optimal results on a daily basis. The vertimax allows us to provide resistance jump training for athletes, while improving form and explosiveness. If you really want to take things up a notch, throw a sand bag on top of your calf, then roll out the backside of your leg. Pdf the 1 vertical jump exercise vertical jump workout chart images vertical jump sd training program pdf vertical jump and power. Develop vertical jump performance and speed that separates you from the competition. Vertimax v8 training advantages represents a training breakthrough that elevates explosive powerdevelopment to new levels which are highly relevant to improving competitive performance. Every little kid always asks the older high school athlete if they can slam. The vertimax platform is the most complete and diverse training tool i have ever used.

The 8pack is an 8 week program with sessions once per week for 8 weeks. After implementing vertimax in our offseason strength and conditioning program, our basketball teams cumulative vertical jump capability in shear inches increased by a magnitude that i have not seen in my 26 year coaching career. For this training program resistance levels are set at minimum levels and as the athlete progresses through the program, resistance is increased by adding additional bands as opposed to making small incremental adjustments by extracting the bands through the resistance cam cleats. Vertimax v8 vertical jump sd training program pdf free vertical jump workout chart images e993 com pdf vertical jump and power pdf the 1 vertical jump exercise wenghonn kan academia edu whats people lookup in this blog. Vertimax vertical jump fitness training technology. Hoop workshop basketball training vertimax training. Contrary to popular belief, jump training is not only beneficial to volleyball and basketball players. Vertimax is the leader in athlete training, providing cuttingedge training equipment designed to fit the need of any athlete or fitness enthusiast who wants results. Perform 23 sets driving away from the platform to the athletes left then detach the bands and face the opposite direction, reattach bands and then perform 23 sets. Satoshi ochi head strength and conditioning for usta. Bruce weber, head coach of the university of illinois mens basketball team agrees, too. Explosive strength refers to an individuals ability to exert a maximal amount of force in the shortest possible time interval. Lowerbody power was tested before and after the intervention and compared statistically for differences between the groups.

With this platform, we can radically improve a players vertical jump, game speed with or without a ball, and help them develop a level of explosiveness that will transfer directly to the court. Vertimax training exercises have become a staple in performance centers across the country and have proven time and time again to be useful tools in developing lowerbody power and improving an. Vertimax sessions are cancelled until it is safe to resume former ohio state basketball player and just hoops certified vertimax instructor, matt lehmann, will feature weekly workouts designed to help athletes achieve their goals of jumping higher, being more explosive, and taking care of their bodies. Vertimax is the most advanced lightload, highspeed training system designed to increase lower body reactive power. Allows explosive training under load with 100% effort utilizing sports specific motions on three axis.

Vertimax for sale hume basketball individual basketball. We specialize in preparing elementary and middle school players for their middle school and high school teams. Basketball training training by bernard b j savoy golds gym the forumn san antonio, tx we met b j savoy while considering golds gym as an alternative. The vertimax is one of the most visible training devices today, so many coaches and parents wonder if, and how, it works. The effectiveness of resisted jump training on the. Pgc basketball teaches players and coaches to think the game at a college and pro level, and become leaders both on and off the court. It seems that is part of the right to athletic manhood.

That ends up being 11 workouts per phase for a total of 33 workouts in the program. Every basketball junkie has dreams of dunking over their opponent on the court. Athletes from both groups followed a periodized training program with resistance exercises performed 2 or 3 days per week, and sprint and. Basketball is a fastpaced sport that requires explosive strength, top speed, agility and finetuned oncourt skills. Vertimax arm swing velocity accounts for 10 to percent of vertical jump height and the v8 is the only vertical training system in the world that accounts for arm swing momentum when jump training. Elite sports center, 2000 1st avenue, parkersburg, wv, 26101, united states 3044858433 bart. Aug, 2018 basketball training equipment sure to step your game up running the fast break. Vertimax equipment provides results that athletes can feel and coaches can see. Vertimax worlds leading sports performance training system. I prefer to use a rumble roller as shown in the videos above since i can get a bit more localized pressure through the calf complex. The lightweight vertimax raptor dual unit is a revolutionary, portable resistance training system that utilizes the patented vertimax elastic training technology to develop athletic speed and strength. An 8week training program for a higher vertical jump stack.

The vertimax is a safe and effective way to add resistance to jump training. Any athlete who desires to have powerful legs can and will benefit from jump training. Forty men and women division i collegiate athletes representing the sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and track completed a 12week mixedmethods training program. View pricing and package deals for private training, group training, clinics, team training, shooting machine workouts, and vertimax workouts. This exercise will build strength in the legs and core, which are key in the landing phases of any plyometric program. Vertimax training 8pack inseason includes 8 prepaid visits. Pdf an examination of training on the vertimax resisted. In this article, coach carl valle looks at the research studies done on the vertimax system, as well as the science of elastic cord jump training. The program will be targeted to improve their overall. Players should always perfect technique to get the most out of. A strong rebound or a successful jump shot can be the difference between a win or loss in a close basketball game. Jump higher, gain speed and agility by training game.

Here are proven techniques and drills that will add inches to your vertical jump. Perform a bit of dynamic ankle work in order to help length the posterior complex. Vertimax training 100s of videos to help create a successful workout for you and your clients. This free vertical jump training program is a plyometric workout program designed to help you increase your vertical jump, leg strength, balance, and explosiveness for a more indepth program that includes all aspects strength training, speed training, speed and agility training, quickness, footwork, plyometrics and all areas of training essential for basketball players, take. Functional training to improve speed, power and vertical jump.

As they force your muscles to exert maximum force for short bursts, plyometrics are the best exercises to help strengthen your. Driving to the rack and throwing it down with authority. For this exercise, a vertimax waist belt is needed. Top 3 accessories to use for basketball specific training on the vertimax. The hand straps are the next accessory we use very often. The waist belt is by far the most important accessory.

Watch the vertimax stepup video, learn how to do the vertimax stepup, and then be sure and browse through the vertimax stepup workouts on our workout plans page. Here are 7 vertimax exercises designed to improve explosive power in any athlete. It includes a beginners program as well as all the necessary drills and exercises to improve strength, speed, agility, explosiveness, conditioning and much more. This means that on week one youll be training 4 times a week, week two youll be training 3 times per week, and on week three youll be training 4 times per week. While this drill was originally created with the movements of a running back in mind, its a great way to build strength. A vertimax raptor dual unit can be attached to any chain link fence, wall or our portable mounting device allowing th. The biggest thing is the flexibility and functionality its easier to move around we can move wherever we want. Whether it is the platform belt for all our jumping or the 360 belts for all offplatform and raptor training, the waist belts will be used 90% of the time. Ken kontor is publisher of performance conditioning volleyballnewsletters, now in its th year of publishing and 11 volleyballspecific conditioning books. Vertimax basketball training is not only the leading vertical jump training program, its also designed to add blazing speed and. Perform the routine every second day to give your body a days rest inbetween workouts. Strength and conditioning philosophy our strength and conditioning program at weber state university is designed to develop the athletes total athletic performance capabilities. Vertimax is the top speed training system for improving speed in any sport because only vertimax can load the leg drive and swing phase simultaneously for maximum linear and lateral speed gains. At stack, youll find the basketball workouts and drills.

Vertimax is a designer, manufacturer, and seller of highquality, unique, and effective athletic training system. Every athlete wants more speed and if you really want to increase your speed potential you have to effectively increase power in both the leg drive. Depth jump training on vertical jump performance article pdf available in the journal of strength and conditioning research 222. Sign up now how much does basketball training cost. An 8week training program for a higher vertical jump 0 shares share on facebook share on twitter the vertical jump is a benchmark test to help determine athleticism and power.

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