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In the unlikely event of any discrepancy between the combined competition rules and the separate rulebooks, the separate rulebooks take precedence. Only handguns listed as approved in the production division list on the ipsc website and fitted with an opticalelectronic sight may be used in production optics or production optics light divisions. Ipsc australia 2020 handgun national championships due to the current situation with covid19 and the necessary restrictions on travel and various other control measures in place across the country, ipsc australia, ipsc qld and the townsville pistol club have agreed to postpone the ipsc australia 2020 handgun national championships. M1 august 2018 registration procedure september 8 9 hsv level ii. Sometimes, all of the pistol ipsc nationals are held at the same time, other years, they have been broken up between different ranges. Medals are awarded to division winners open, standard, classic, production, production optics, production optics light and revolver only when there are at least 10 competitors in the division division for level iii matches 20 competitors in the division for level iv and. New 2019 ipsc rule book opens up a huge market the. International practical shooting confederation wikipedia. Invitation hsv september 2018 september 29 30 pscr level ii. Multigun, multi gun or multi gun, often also called 2 gun or 3 gun depending on the types of firearms used, are practical shooting events where each of the stages require the competitor to use a combination of rifles, handguns, and or shotguns multigun has a lot in common with ordinary ipsc uspsa single gun matches, and matches generally have courses of fire where the shooter must move. Ipsc rules form the basis of our sport, as does the rules for any sport. Thereby the dynamic shooting sport considers all the different shooting disciplines. Ipsc handgun competition rules final 30 dec 2018 new address. The international practical shooting confederation ipsc is the worlds second largest.

Youll never guess which gun manufacturers boast more than one model on the list. In 2018 the ipsc general assembly adopts missia plan, pistol caliber carbine pcc as a separate discipline, two new handgun production optics divisions and other proposals affecting over 50 ipsc competition rules. Shooting sports usa 7 preferred production handgun. The ipsc handgun rules january 2019 markedup edition indicates changes the ipsc handgun rules january 2019 final edition new.

Therefore, ipsc can be seen as the supreme shooting sport discipline. In addition, maximum gun weight is 1400 g and the sight line must not exceed 220 mm. New 2019 ipsc rule book opens up a huge market the firearm blog. These are the steps and criteria for a handgun to be accepted to the production gun list. Read on for all details and a schedule of the ipsc handgun world championship 2017. Links to the websites of australian dealers, gunsmiths, suppliers and sponsors of ipsc. By far the best way to improve your shooting skills and have fun at the range. If you plan on getting the rulebook printed professionally please use this letter. The draft is comprehensive and includes all rules, rulings, appendices, addendums, format fixes. Ipsc australias regional director publishes items of interest and importance for ipsc members. The ipsc us handgun championship are yearly ipsc level 3 matches held by the united states practical shooting association uspsa run under ipsc rules contrary to the uspsa handgun championship, which is run under uspsa rules. To logon you must be a registered member of pnz, through a member club registered members only can send logon enquiries to. Pistol caliber carbine pcc is the newest provisional division of uspsa and is very different from any of the others.

For starters, its a rifle division in a sport that is primarily focused on the pistol, though pcc guns, as the name implies, shoot pistol. Choosing a uspsa competition division pew pew tactical. Classifier stages link pdf downloads atf form 6nia 5330. We continue through the new ipsc handgun rule book. Gold medals are awarded to the top placing individuals in ipsc sanctioned matches. Officials organize and run competitions so competitors may shoot an ipsc match anywhere in the world in a safe organized manner. Our current operating edition is the ipsc handgun rules. Halls firearms gun worldbul armory ipsc australia national handgun championships. Halls firearms gun worldbul armory ipsc australia national handgun. The pnz executive officer via the contact page here. The handgun with any of its magazines inserted has to fit inside the ipsc box. Ipsc rule book combined rule books are not available at the present time. But from 2018 onward championships in open and production division will be held even years and championships in classic, revolver and standard divisions uneven years.

There have been over 16 different incarnations of the rulebook since its inception in the early 1970s. This document contains detailed rules for ipsc 2018. Ipsc shotgun competition rules jan 2018 edition final 1 jan. Deleted text new text comments proposal a that production optics and production optics light be adopted as two new handgun divisions as shown on page 2. The rules set standards for competition around the world and ensure safety and good order in our sport.

The rules set standards for competition around the world and ensure safety and good. These combined competition rules have been compiled from three separate rulebooks, being the january 2019 edition handgun, rifle and shotgun competition rules. Because of the interest shown in production optics, a decision has been made to run a production optics division as a trial division at the 2018 cz ipsc handgun nationals. Ipscbc home match cancellations april and may 2020. The idpa competition format was designed to be enjoyable for all shooters of all skill levels, with a premium put on the social interaction and camaraderie of the members. A huge market opens as ipsc international practical shooting confederation update their rule books in january 2019 i would think the biggest new market is in the ipsc handgun competition, as two new divisions that have been lurking on test appear. Until 2017 the championships were held annually in all divisions. The 18th ipsc world championship will take place in france from august 27 to september 3, 2017. Individuals, organizations and other entities not affiliated to ipsc or a member region thereof, are prohibited from using any of these items without. Officials organize and run competitions so competitors may shoot an ipsc match anywhere in the world in a. Top ipsc shooter marijan loch is live on site with our team and will report from the world shoot xviii. Beginners intro to ipsc and competitive shooting youtube. Only handguns included in the full list of approved models and that comply with the requirements of appendix d4 of the ipsc handgun competition rules may be used in production division. Ipsc robin sebo, division production, australian nationals.

Ipsc handgun target array handbook january 2019 new. Ipsc reserves the right to modify this list at any time. It will be run to the ipsc production optic division trial rules september 2017 only. The more information you enter, the narrower your results will be. Here we discuss the basic requirements needed to begin shooting ipsc. The board of directors of ipsc bc met tonight and made the hard decision to cancel several matches. There is a section in the co gun rules that says that just because something is not listed does not by default make it legal by its absence. Shooting sports usa 5 top red dot models perfect for. Shooting sports usa 7 preferred production handgun models for action shooting a list of popular guns at the 2017 production nationals. In the standard division, the same rules apply to guns with open sights. No magwell attachments or external flaring of the magwell, the lateral internal width of the well may not be more than. Ipscs activities include international regulation of the sport by approving.

The ipsc nordic handgun championship is an ipsc level 3 championship hosted in every year either in norway, sweden, finland or denmark. We spend a great deal of time outdoors but when we have the opportunity, a day at the handgun range is a blast. Note that handguns deemed by ipsc to be singleactiononly are expressly prohibited. Notices and posts ipsc australia ipsc australia inc. In 2017, when uspsa decided it was time to ditch the production divisionderived rule in carry. Uspsa production and carry optics rules change again. New carry optics rules uspsaipsc rules brian enoss. The australian region of the international practical shooting confederation. The box dimension rule explained for the standard division also applied to the classic division.

Production optics division trial ipsc australia inc. The competitor can choose between maximum 8 rounds per magazine for major. The shooters have to merge athleticism and maximum precision into a winning combination. The april and may matches at poco, terrace, thompson and trail are cancelled as per the public health order pho of the bc provincial government. Ipsc rulebook most of the rules governing our sport are covered by the ipsc rulebook. Posted november 14, 2018 in editorial by eric b with 22 comments tags. Ipsc australia regional director ipsc australia inc. June 15 16 17 m1 level iii august 25 26 m1 level ii. Welcome to the ukpsa home of ipsc shooting in britain.

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